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What I Don’t Do.

I don’t run workshops so you can come along, get the settings from me, get the lighting done for you and press the shutter on a stunning couple of models.  That’s a big no-no for me.

I don’t run fancy “5 Steps to Success” or “The 10 Reasons you are failing” or even “The #3 things that will get you fully booked” crap either.

I designed, develop and deliver a range of solid down to earth practically focussed workshops to get you where you need to be.

What I do…

I own and run a successful coaching & mentoring business developing photographers through intensive 1-1 coaching sessions and group workshops focused on the business aspect of photography with the occasional foray into using Off-Camera Flash to differentiate yourself in a crowded market.

I also own and run a wedding photography business (www.andrew-miller.co.uk) and have done successfully for 14 years as well as a Management Development consultancy (www.rubus-consultants.co.uk) for 17 years. I’ve worked as a coach and consultant around the UK, US, Middle East and Far East.

Why Me…?

I’ve been there, seen it and done it and won’t give you the crap about it being “easy – just increase your prices” or ” 5 Steps To Success Programme”.  Running a small micro-business is hard lonely work ( #livingthedream #myass ) and you need the professional support to get through it.  I’m qualified via the CIPD to deliver adult training sessions, I’m qualified via the Institute of Leadership & Management as a Coach & Mentor as well as being qualified with the British Psychological Society in a variety of levels (formally A, B and B+).  I’m also a Business Mentor for Business Wales, the arm of the Welsh Government that develops business in Wales where I specialise in developing and achieving small business growth.

Anything Else?

Yeah! I’m a non-executive Director as well and run a vibrant online community for around 50 entrepreneurs with business ranging from dog walking & house sitting to wedding & commercial videography to to digital media specialists to visual communications specialists to pet photographers to newborn & family photographers to lifestyle photographers and the odd wedding photographer thrown in for good measure!

The coaching & workshops I run are done face to face, the old fashioned way, giving the chance for the activists & pragmatists to interact, ask questions and take some real learning away immediatley.  For the more reflective & theorists the online community and private messaging is a great way to follow up on the questions after some reflection.

Why do Business Fail?

  • Failure to deliver value
  • Failure to connect with the target audience
  • Failure to create an effective sales funnel
  • Lack of authenticity


  • Unable to compete against market leaders
  • Inability to control expense
  • Failure to create proper business process & systems
  • Lack of personal growth
  • Lacking vision for long term growth

1-1 Intensive Coaching Sessions

An intensive 1-1 session that is focussed entirely on you, your business, how you run it, why you do it and what you want to get out of the business in the future.

Cost: £250 for a one-day session


The Business of Wedding Photography

A two-day group workshop (maximum of 6 people per group) that takes you through the principles of setting up and running your own wedding photography business.

Cost: £275 per person for the two-days

Off Camera Flash Workshops

In a world of filters, actions and presets setting yourself apart is what will get you noticed.

Being able to use a multiple sets of tools and techniques will get you noticed.

That is where Off-Camera Flash comes in.

Cost: £175 per person

Wordpress For Beginners

Getting your WordPress website up and running in the shortest possible time.

What is WordPress, How to install it, what plugins to use, what themes to think about, basic SEO, image optimisation, writing your copy, page design & layout along with hints & tips to make your life easier.

Cost: £125 per person

Collaborative Selling for Photographers

An interactive and experiential workshop covering how you should think about your in person sales (IPS) techniques.  Topics include Transactional Analysis, Non Verbal Language, USP, UPB, USO, booking indicators and a whole load more other tools and techniques.

Cost: £150 per person

Stop giving USBs and start Selling Albums

USB’s are dead, your clients just don’t know it yet. 

This workshop looks at how you can move from selling USB’s to selling albums and print products.

We cover whats involved in your brand strategy and look intensivley at how you market, advertise and sell you and your brand.

Cost: £150 per person

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