Andrew is a fully qualified and experienced trainer and executive coach which includes the following

  • Master Level Coaching & Mentoring Qualification with the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM)
  • Degree level Adult-Adult (1-1 / 1-many) training qualification
  • Qualified to administer and use psychometric assessments from the British Psychological Society (BPS)
  • 25 years of training experience within the British Military and National & International Blue Chip Organisations.
  • Includes 16 years of corporate training within the UK, USA, Europe, Middle East and the Far East.
  • UK Military Train the Trainer (TTT) programme (6-week intensive course)
  • Degree Level Photography Course (via British Army)
  • International photography speaker on running photography business

Wedding Photography Business Training

Is the trainer good enough?

Before signing up for training workshops with other photographers check to make sure they are qualified to deliver training to groups or on a 1-1 basis. If they offer coaching and/or mentoring – ask if they are qualified coaches and mentors. If not; why not?

Those same professional photographers would moan about the amateurs picking up a camera and photographing a wedding without any training yet fail to see the irony of offering training workshops themselves when they have no training qualifications.

It’s not good enough to be good – you have to be good enough to teach your subject as well.

Who will they train?

Next up is who will they train and from what area?  Many many photographers refuse to train people who live within (for example, 50 miles) of them.  I have no idea why.  

If they have a solid business model and a solid business they shouldn’t have anything to fear.  I don’t care if you live next door – if you want training & development on running a wedding photography business get in touch.

Wedding Photography Business Training

My training workshops are typically centred on making money not photography.  You can be the world’s best photographer but if you have no idea about sales, marketing, taxes, backups, editing etc etc then you will starve.

I’m not famous.  I’m not the world’s best.  But I’ve ben running a wedding photography business for 14 years.  And in my world running means it pays the mortgage, puts food on the table.  I have no other major income to fall back on.  My partner is self employed also so I can’t rely on her to chip in and help out.  Oh and speaking of partners – I encourage partners to come along to the workshops as well.  They are a very very important part of making any business successful.


I run several photography workshops and wedding photography workshops.

The Business of Wedding Photography – a Two Day Masterclass on running your wedding photography business.  Also applicable to Videographers new into the business world. This also gets you access to my FB group for further ad-hoc support and one-off sessions delivered by myself.  Two Day Master Class 

Long Term Business Coaching of Wedding Photographers.  If you are in Wales you don’t pay as I give my time FREE via the Business Wales Mentoring Programme. (

Off-Camera Flash (OCF) Workshops.  I use OCF a lot in my Signature Work.  This workshop gives you the grounding to get out there are create your own amazing wedding photographs.

So where do I begin. Alan sugar of the camera world I believed myself to be a year or so ago. When quite frankly I was a clicker with a kit lens, body and a Flash!

Me and my partner opened our business a month or two prior to going to Andrews workshop, after completing an A level in photography and just knowing this path was for me.

Lauren found Andrews workshop and we both agreed it would be a wise investment to make and boy wasn’t it the best thing we’ve ever spent money on during our photography journey.

We arrived as two novices and left as educated and eager business owners.

We spent the day discussing financing, pricing, budgeting, contracts, insurance and so much more!

Our contract before the workshop was merely a single side of A4 with a dotted line. Now it’s a 16 page document specifying every nook and cranny that before would have legally finished us. Along with having public liability insurance and personal indemnity insurance.

We also got to understand file formatting, Lightroom batch processing and all that tech geeky stuff.

With a quick bite to eat (mac and cheese my favourite) and a general chat around a coffee table it was time to hit the big boys toys. Using Andrews godox AD600 ( I now own this bad boy) to light up a model in a wedding dress. Giving us pointers on how to interact with the client and keep them moving, as in a wedding day they will get tired very quickly.

With this we came to the end of our day and even though slightly overwhelmed we had a path set for us.

Now a year on our business has successfully completed almost 10 weddings and our reputation is growing rapidly.

Through this time we’ve also increased our package prices twice, due to not only our increased demand but also due to them gorgeous nphoto albums Andrew introduces us too.

If you’re thinking about this course just stop and ask yourself these questions.

Do you know how much each shutter click costs you? Do you know the inverse square law properly? Do you know about public liability insurance? These are just some of the things I was once clueless on but thanks to Andrew I am now completely confident in.

And to top it all off I have made a very dear friend. Me and Andrew are always in conversation and meet up regularly to photograph together and discuss future prospects.

So to summarise.    DO THE WORKSHOP!

Oliver Rees

Owner & Partner, Oliver Rees Photography

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