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Strange name for a blog post about a recent workshop I ran…so let me explain…


If you are going to make money from your photography (and in my delegates cases wedding photography) then you NEED to understand how to run a business correctly and legally. It’s that simple. Always amazes me when new wedding photographers only investment in training is in the photography skills set when in reality it’s the business skill set that will give them the longevity of business, the bookings and ultimately the profit margin to have a lifestyle they want. It’s not easy money, despite what some “rock star” photographers may say. It’s not “living the dream” with an IG image of a MacBook Pro & a coffee that seems to the default setting for non photography photographer post.

It is long nights, early mornings, time away from the kids, the family, the loved ones, giving up on the holidays, the luxury items. it’s time spent in front of a computer editing constantly, playing around with sliders and layers and curves to find and nail a consistent style. It’s watching countless YouTube videos trying to think how you could use that technique successfully in your own work, it’s trying to make you stand out from an incredibly crowded market place (see below re #TrueColour). It’s working your bolloxs / tits off (gender neutral on this site folks!!) for a lifestyle you want and putting the hard work and effort in NOW to get the future you want. That is not “living the dream”!!

So, in this workshop, we covered upselling and how putting thought into your branding from the very start will help you achieve your goals. We discussed pricing sensibly and not arrogantly. We talked about shooting specifically for a wedding album and why you NEED to include wedding albums in every wedding collection you offer. We chatted about the different sales techniques (Aggressive, Transactional, Consultative & Collaborative). Additionally, we talked about why I offer a same day slideshow and why I post authentically (very!) on my social media channels and my website.

During lunch we completed a Myers Briggs Type indicator (MBTi) assessment and after lunch I talked through the various profiles and explained why some people act in the way they do and why you want to look for clients that are like you in personality…because you will “click” better. We talked about some of the potential issues surrounding the profiles and how if left unchecked they could be harming to business and an individual.

We did lots of shooting…and off course we used off camera flash. Lots of basic outdoors stuff to make the colours pop and give you the tools to cope in any lighting situation. This is where #TrueColour comes into it.

We also spent a lot of time indoors (even though the weather outside was amazing!) and played with creating some amazing scenes use just two normal speedlights and grids. This is particularly useful when it’s raining outside but you still need to get those WOW shots.


So, this hashtag. Well this is the hashtag I use to describe MY photography.

I’m not a fan, in fact, I detest / hate, the current trend for dark muted wedding photographs, no colour, all brown tones, dark shadows, skin tones bordering on the orange. That is not how the human eye sees the world. In 20 years time, your kids are going to look at those wedding photographs and think “WTF!”… in the same light, we now look at the cheesy bride in a wine glass photograph from 20 years ago.

To enable a full wide range of bright bold vibrant colours that the human eye sees, especially outdoors, I use off camera flash. This allows me to correctly expose for a background (usually a nice bright blue sky with those fluffy white clouds) AND correctly expose the subject.

So we practised this simple technique a lot during the workshop. Proving that to get those bright bold skies you really can’t shoot in natural light only.

We also looked at editing and my workflow and how I can get a same day slideshow sorted out for the couple during their wedding breakfast. A fast efficient workflow is KEY to saving time. We chatted about which plugins I use…and yes some of them are expensive…but how much is your time worth?!

Finally we went out for sunset shots!

Phew…10 hours of learning & development crammed into one day.

…and the final team shot at sunset…


By the way… I do like to ensure people learn on my wedding photography workshops, and especially on the flash side (Otherwise, where is your Return on Investment?!). I grabbed both of the delegates cameras, changed the settings, changed the flash power on the trigger and changed the distance of the flash. Both delegates (Claire & Bobbie) got a sunset photograph of me within 48 seconds. THAT is learning!

Next wedding workshop is in Birmingham 20th & 21st July and you still have time to get the early bird discount for booking!

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