Wedding Photography Training Workshop

Wedding Photography Training Workshop | Wedding Photography Business Training

This is a Wedding Photography Training Day & Workshop that is jam-packed with up to date information on running your business and techniques for taking your photography skills to another level.

This Wedding photography training day IS NOT about getting gorgeous styled images set up by someone else. IT IS about YOU doing the hard work investing in your business and camera skills.

The Business of Photography: Getting it right from the “get go”

Are you a fantastic photographer who’s looking to turn a hobby into a profession that pays the bills? Maybe you’re already running a successful photography business, but looking for the right insights to kick it up a notch.

Either way, my one-day Business of Photography workshop is for you!

I’m Andrew Miller and I’ve been a full-time, pays the mortgage wedding photographer for 11 years. I’m also a qualified professional adult trainer who’s got a masters level qualification in coaching & mentoring.

During (and since) my career in the British Army – which is, incidentally, where I qualified as a photographer – I’ve trained people all over the world, from the US to Southeast Asia and beyond over a 30-year period.

The fact I am also qualified to use a wide variety of psychometric assessments means I can not only help you develop as an individual but also, just as importantly, improve your business

But what does that all really mean?

In a nutshell, I’ve been there, done that and got the T-shirt. I’ve made the mistakes and learnt from them accordingly. And if I can prevent you from making just one of those mistakes, this workshop will have been worth it personally and financially.

Plus, I’m in a pretty unique position as a professional trainer to effectively and efficiently impart my knowledge to you.

The bottom line is that even if you’re the best photographer in the world, it’s all for nothing if you don’t create the foundations that your business needs to grow and thrive.

That’s right! Forget the fancy lighting, the fancy editing and the fancy posing, if you can’t run a business you’re going to starve.

This workshop has been designed with the sole aim of setting you on the right path to creating the successful wedding photography business you’ve perhaps always dreamed of.

So what can you expect on the day?

The first two-thirds of the day are spent covering all of the business stuff such as the cost of doing business, marketing, strategy, equipment, communications techniques, contracts and, of course, some photography!

The final third of the day will see us thinking about and actually doing photography.

Focussing on the use of off-camera flash and other creative indoor flash techniques. Working with real brides and couples (I don’t use models, I use real people from my previous shoots). We’ll also look at ways to make your photography stand out or as I like to call it, finding your “style”.

Remember, at the end of the day, being different is ultimately what differentiates you in a crowded market.

Still not quite sure what to expect?

Check out this video from my last workshop and if you’ve still got any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me.

With my one-day Business of Photography workshop, you can finally realise your photography business dreams or, in the case of those who already have an existing photography business, discover how to take what you’re doing to the next level…

Wedding Photography Training Day - Aims

Wedding Photography Workshop

It will introduce you to the use of on and off camera flash techniques as well as the use of other lighting sources.  I’ll talk you through how my day is planned with emphasis on the groups and bridal portraits. We will chat about the camera kit I use regularly (i.e.  what I’ve kept from all the kit I’ve bought!)I’ll also be going through my post-processing techniques for the Hero Wedding Photographs.  So bring your laptops if you want to join in 🙂

Just as importantly I’ll talk about the business aspect of running a photography business, from contracts to insurance to websites to marketing & SEO.

We will be photographing inside a small badly lit church (even with the lights on it’s badly lit) as well as the inside of a four-star hotel.  We will be outside photographing around the grounds of the hotel-wide open spaces, wooded areas, tree-lined avenues, lakes, quaint bridges and ruined buildings.  We will photograph in daylight, during dusk and at night time – so bring your flash kit. (If you don’t have any let me know when you book; there are always ways and means of using technology to get around this!)

I’ll also be using REAL people as subjects; not models so you will learn how to talk/communicate with your clients and direct people who know nothing about posing.  This wedding photography workshop is NOT about building a portfolio.  IT IS about building your skills so you can do it yourself (and by the end of the day you will be) in real life situations, under pressure.

We will be going through album design for real clients and I will have a wide selection of sample albums around for you to look through.

Wedding Photography Training Day - Objectives

  • Getting a sensible and logical running order in your head and sticking to it.
  • Understanding your Cost of Doing Business (CODB) and reducing your overheads.
  • Describe the 10 most important aspects that any wedding photography contract should contain
  • What is a “Hero Wedding Photograph / Signature Image” and how do you find your particular style?
  • Describe and explain the steps you need to take to use On and Off Camera flash in a variety of different situations using a variety of light modifiers.
  • Describe the differences between how RAW & JPG files work and how they can be ‘pushed’ for post-processing.
  • List the various plugins that you can use to aid and speed your editing process.
  • Writing Adobe Photoshop Actions and Adobe Lightroom Presets to speed your workflow.
  • Learning how to pose clients so THEY feel comfortable. (It’s not about YOU; it’s about THEM!)
  • Putting together your Wedding Photography Collections and getting that “WOW” factor
  • Album design for real clients and why allowing them to choose their own photographs gives you space to up-sell.
  • Lots of photography.  Really – loads of it.  Inside, outside, churches, buildings, woods, fields, lakesides & bridges.

Wedding Photography Training Day – The Basic Details


St. Pierre Marriott Hotel & Country Club, Chepstow.  NP16 6YA

Easily accessible from the M4 east and M4 west.

Nearest train station – Chepstow or Severn Tunnel Junction.  Both will require taxis to the venue.


Registration 10am – 10:30am

Workshop – 10:30am – 5pm

If the weather is kind and you are ok we can stay longer, more shooting, editing, business advice etc.  Sunset is around 7:30pm.

We will stop for drinks as and when required by delegates.


Wear appropriate clothing to the prevailing weather conditions.  We may be outside so please consider cold weather / sunny conditions.


Please bring all of your main camera equipment – bodies & lenses.  If you have external flash equipment bring that along and also triggers and lightstands as well.  Don’t forget to bring fully charged batteries, possibly two, as well as memory cards.   Don’t forget camera manuals!

An editing session is included so if you have a laptop please bring that also.

Dietary requirements

The venue can cater as and when for all dietary requirements

What it costs.

The whole day will cost £195 which includes drinks, meals etc.  If you wish to bring a second photographer along the price is £350 for the both of you.

Partners (husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends etc) are an important part of making a successful business as a photographer, even if they do nothing more than support you emotionally.  So as a result of that partners are welcome to join for the day’s workshop for £25 (to cover drinks & meals) provided they do not use a camera during the day!

Minimum numbers are 4 and the maximum number is 6 photographers.  I like to keep things small so EVERYONE gets a chance to get some real benefit from it and goes away not just being inspired but with real practical tips on starting a business or improving their business.

I can run 1-1 session for a surcharge of £75

Early Bird Discount

Book your date more than 5 weeks before the workshops date to get an Early Bird Discount of £50 per person.

Booking & Cancelations

You can book by paying the full amount or a booking fee of £50 to secure your place.  Any balance must be paid by the week before the training workshop.

Bookings are swappable with people and dates if you find you can not make the date you originally selected.  There is no limit on swapping dates.

Fees are non refundable in any event due to the costs involved in securing the model and venue

Wedding Photography Training Day – 2018 Dates

30th January 2018 – Booked

28th February 2018 – Booked

28th March 2018 – Booked

26th April 2018 – Booked

29th May 2018 – booked

27th June 2018 – Booked

18th September – 3 places available

3rd October – 6 places available

31st October – 4 places available

31st October 2018 – 6 places available

Get in touch to book or ask questions.

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