The Business of Wedding Photography – A 3 Day kickstart to your business.

The Business of Wedding Photography – A 3 Day kickstart to your Wedding Photography business.

Three days. Full on content. All business related. No messing.

If you want to succeed in the long term, THIS is the workshop you NEED to get on.

Wedding Photography Training Day - Aims

The Business of Wedding Photography

Three days of solid business related information and guidance on setting up and running a wedding photography business.


This is a three-day workshop designed specifically for new or new-ish (1-2 years in business) wedding photographers.

It is designed to give those attending a thorough grounding in running a successful, and hence profitable, business.

Wedding Photography Training Day - Objectives

The Business of Wedding Photography

Three days of solid business related information and guidance on setting up and running a wedding photography business.


At the end of this three-day workshop, you will…

  1. Have your business plan set up and written
  2. Have your marketing plan (print, web, social media & F2F) set up and written
  3. Have your Ideal Client Profile (ICP) written down
  4. Have defined your pricing structure for your products and services
  5. Setting up your business accounts
  6. Have informed HMRC of your intention to work as a self-employed person.
  7. Know what you can and can’t claim for on your expenses when setting up
  8. Have written contracts for sending out to ICP
  9. Have defined your product and services
  10. Know your preferred sales process
  11. Be able to conduct an In-Person Sales (IPS) meeting
  12. Be able to provide onsite SEO for our own website
  13. Setting up an efficient workflow
  14. Using Adobe Lightroom to edit and create your own presets
  15. Using Adobe Photoshop to edit and create your own actions

Wedding Photography Training Day – The Basic Details


St. Pierre Marriott Hotel & Country Club, Chepstow.  NP16 6YA

Easily accessible from the M4 east and M4 west.

Nearest train station – Chepstow or Severn Tunnel Junction.  Both will require taxis to the venue.


Registration 10am – 10:30am

Workshop – 10:30am – 5pm

If the weather is kind and you are ok we can stay longer, more shooting, editing, business advice etc.  Sunset is around 7:30pm.

We will stop for drinks as and when required by delegates.


Wear appropriate clothing to the prevailing weather conditions.  We may be outside so please consider cold weather / sunny conditions.


Please bring all of your main camera equipment – bodies & lenses.  If you have external flash equipment bring that along and also triggers and lightstands as well.  Don’t forget to bring fully charged batteries, possibly two, as well as memory cards.   Don’t forget camera manuals!

An editing session is included so if you have a laptop please bring that also.

Dietary requirements

The venue can cater as and when for all dietary requirements

What it costs.

The whole day will cost £195 which includes drinks, meals etc.  If you wish to bring a second photographer along the price is £350 for the both of you.

Partners (husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends etc) are an important part of making a successful business as a photographer, even if they do nothing more than support you emotionally.  So as a result of that partners are welcome to join for the day’s workshop for £25 (to cover drinks & meals) provided they do not use a camera during the day!

Minimum numbers are 4 and the maximum number is 6 photographers.  I like to keep things small so EVERYONE gets a chance to get some real benefit from it and goes away not just being inspired but with real practical tips on starting a business or improving their business.

I can run 1-1 session for a surcharge of £75

Early Bird Discount

Book your date more than 5 weeks before the workshops date to get an Early Bird Discount of £50 per person.

Booking & Cancelations

You can book by paying the full amount or a booking fee of £50 to secure your place.  Any balance must be paid by the week before the training workshop.

Bookings are swappable with people and dates if you find you can not make the date you originally selected.  There is no limit on swapping dates.

Fees are non refundable in any event due to the costs involved in securing the model and venue

Wedding Photography Training Day – 2018 Dates

30th January 2018 – Booked

28th February 2018 – Booked

28th March 2018 – Booked

26th April 2018 – Booked

29th May 2018 – 2 places available

27th June 2018 – 1 places available

27th September 2018 – 6 places available

31st October 2018 – 6 places available

Get in touch to book or ask questions.

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